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Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning and Repair specializes in Wool carpet and provides both onsite and offsite cleaning of your Area Rugs.  Our highly trained Fiber Protection technicians use wet and dry extraction methods. The knowledge we have gained through years of experience will give you the peace of mind that you would want when you decide who should clean your carpets.

Facts About Area Rugs

Area Rugs Cleaning: Photo of Persian carpet

What’s an area rug, anyway? The best definition we’ve found is that they’re movable carpets with finished edges. They’re smaller than carpeting, which means they’re often high quality and expensive Persian or Oriental area rugs. Your area rug can just as easily be made of inexpensive rayon—often used because of its silk-like appearance. They need special cleaning care, no matter what they’re made of. 

Natural fiber Persian and Oriental rugs require special attention to prevent damage when cleaning them. Rayon area rugs can take quickly take on a worn because they are easily damaged by acids and have a low resistance to abrasive soil. The chemical makeup of rayon is also prone to a process of discoloration known as cellulose browning.

Area rugs can trap allergens, dust, and pollutants. Every time you step on it, you’ll release these particles into the air. Area rugs often see significant foot traffic. It’s important to remove the dirt—but with the appropriate amount of suction to pull out soil to prevent fibers from being pulled out, too. We’ve got the years of experience it takes to know the different tolerances rug fibers have to specific cleaning processes. We use only eco-friendly cleaning solutions. We offer both on-site and off-site service.

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