100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair’s 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee only reflects the quality and services of Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair. Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair in no way accepts responsibility for the pre-existing conditions of the customer’s home or business. 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee does not represent the customer’s dis-satisfaction associated with any problems other than defects associated with the cleaning service and it’s eco-friendly products.

Our satisfaction guarantee is based on the industry standard. Our guarantee stipulates that you received the correct service as you were offered and sold. Our guarantee promises that the services provided by our professional technicians were performed properly or that the eco-friendly cleaning solutions had no defects or malfunctions.

Arrival Time

Please allow a 45 minute window of arrival before or after the scheduled appointment time.

Bug/Rodent Infestation

We will not clean a carpet in a home or facility that has an clear bug or rodent infestation. If your home or facility has an infestation of any sort, please cancel and reschedule with us when your home or facility has been treated and cleared by a professional extermination service.

Carpet Dry Time

There are several contributing factors that affect dry time: level of moisture, level of humidity, air movement and thickness of carpet. Dirtier carpet requires increased water usage, which adds to dry time. Dry time varies based on level of soiling, outside humidity, air movement and thickness of carpet or padding.

Customer Cancellation

Please let us know as soon as possible if you need to cancel your appointment. There is a $140.00 cancellation fee if you cancel within 24 hours of your appointment time including weekends. If off hours, please leave your cancellation notice by voice mail, text message or email (contact us). The $140 is credited back to you if you choose to reschedule with Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair within a two weeks of the cancelled appointment.

Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair Cancellation

In the rare occasion we need to cancel your appointment for reasons beyond our control, we will let you know as quickly as possible as well as attempt to find an suitable service provider to fill our cancellation.

Permanent Stains

We cannot fully remove paint stains, varnish, black shoe sole stains, dyes, inks, rust, burns, or any substance that is known to cause permanent staining. If we do attempt to remove such stains, we do not guarantee complete removal or satisfaction. Only our Carpet Repair Service can permanently remove stains by cutting and patching the carpet and moving it from an inconspicuous corner or closet.

Personal Property & Items of Value

Prior to our arrival, please have your personal property as well as items of value appropriately stored away.


We will be running several hoses from our van into your home, which requires at least one door to be open during service. Please place your pet(s) in a crate, bathroom, or safe location where they will not escape out of the open door. We are not responsible for lost pets or their whereabouts during the service.

Service Complaints are Time Sensitive

Any service complaint related to re-cleaning certain areas must be made within two weeks of the original service call date. The complaint can be made by phone, text, email or letter, but it must be received within two weeks of the original service date. If the original service call was in anyway related to pets, and the customer or household still has the pet(s) in the home, the two week complaint window is void.

Slipping Hazard

Caution: walking from recently cleaned carpet to hard surfaces creates a slip hazard. Please be careful not to slip when walking from recently cleaned carpet or rugs to hard surfaces. We are not responsible for injuries that might result from slipping hazard.

Spots & Stains

During our pre-inspection, please be sure to point out all spots or  stains that are concerning you. We recommend letting us clean your carpet first to see if any spot(s) comes up with the cleaning. Any spot that remains after cleaning is considered a stain. Stain removal is charged separately. We are not responsible for removing small, unnoticeable stains from your carpet that you have not previously pointed out during pre-inspection. 

Tripping Hazard

You understand we will have several hoses, running throughout your home or facility during the cleaning service. We are not responsible for injuries that may result from our hoses, equipment or misplaced furniture being in a walkway.

Vacant or Unsupervised Homes or Facilities

As the owner, landlord, tenant or agent of the owner, landlord or tenant, you release Fiber Care Carpet Cleaning & Repair from service complaints or all claims of damage to your home or facility when you agree to allow our employee’s to be in your home or facility without your presence.

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